Ron Millonario XO review

20150805_151810What is it? Rum from Peru distilled from molasses in column stills. Aged using a Solera (no details on ages).

Coloured, filtered and 40% abv.

Sugar? You bet. On-line data shows 44 grams per litre. That’s right, 44.

Nose: Smells old. Leather, cigar boxes and incense (sandalwood, cedar, pot-pourri). Oak, thick caramel and butterscotch. Woody baking spices; nutmeg, clove, cinnamon as well as some vanilla and dried fruits.

Palate: Medium mouth feel. Ok this doesn’t taste at all as I was expecting, it tastes a lot drier and almost cognac like. Lots of oak and vanilla, plumes of sweet cigar smoke and aromatic pipe tobacco. Dark winter fruits like figs, prunes and raisins. Some caramel pops up, but it’s distant and quite restrained. Very complex and it’s not a thick, heavy rum.

Finish: Medium. Now the sugar is making it’s play, it’s flattening the finish and leaving that fuzzy feel on my tongue. Still, the finish is still pleasant with some spice and oak prickle and a lovely smoky note, with some thinned golden syrup.

Thoughts? I’d best describe this as “delicate” or “beautiful” and it floats around your senses, however standard retail price is a bit too high for what you get. It’s quite a complex rum with a lot to offer and very well balanced, but it’s too “easy”. It’s been dumbed down and I suspect aimed at the likes of the cognac or whisky market given the price and presentation. I might add that I got mine far reduced (just over £60 rather than the standard £85) and for that price it’s a peach. I wouldn’t spend £85 on it though.

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