WeiRon Review

20160219_160202What is it? A blend of aged rums from various Caribbean countries produced in small batches by Svenska Eldvatten (the company behind Rum Swedes). No details of which rums have gone into the blend or the age of the rums – as this is blended in small batches it’s likely that the makeup will change between batches so understandably they cannot give details of what goes into the bottling (unless they did this for each batch….which they don’t).

Not coloured, not chill filtered and bottled at 50% abv

Sugar? No

Nose: Beautiful stuff. Bananas, lemon balm, olive oil, milk chocolate. Definite Jamaican influence taking charge with some high ester note and dollops of pineapple cream. Vanilla….no, egg custard tarts (those cheap pre-made ones with cinnamon on top) and some butterscotch. Under all that is a little tar, some licorice and something herbal, almost mentholly. Some peppery oak, a touch of smoke and cardboard boxes(?).

Palate: Thick, rich, fat, mouth coating. Sweet delivery, with vanilla and some light golden syrup but then on to some salted lemons and smoked licorice. Bananas ahoy, over-ripe and drizzled with runny honey. There is a little bit of fennel and mint in there too and starts to get peppery and spicy from oak as it sits in the mouth for a while.

Finish: Long and peppery tingle. Maybe some fleeting show of baking spices, Italian vanilla gelato and loads of bananas. Loads of bananas! Finishes long on honey with a touch of cinnamon.

Thoughts? This is blended brilliantly. Clearly the Jamaican is taking the lead, and really the muscle behind the blend but there are some other really fantastic rums that are adding the depth and range of flavours. Let me run this one out; Marketed as “super premium”, but no sugar added. No age stated, but no colouring to hide any youth. Offered at a higher strength without filtering, brilliantly balanced and priced at a sensible level (around £45). I can’t fault this at all, I will be buying many more.

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