New release: Foursquare 11 year old Zinfandel cask

Hu20160412_151255zzah! Looks like the next release from the Foursquare Exceptional Cask Selection has just arrived in the UK. Many were aware that the follow-up to the Port cask finish (my personal rum of the year 2015 by the way) was going to be a rum involving Zinfandel casks, well it appears to have popped up without much fanfare over with those lovely chaps at MasterOfMalt. Unsurprisingly they’ve sold out of their immediate allocation straight away, although I’ve played a guilty part in that so the review will be featured on here in the next week or so…..










…..we’re being treated to a blend of pot and column still rums that have been matured in Bourbon and Zinfandel casks for a minimum age of 11 years (I’ll assume tropically) and bottled at a much nicer strength of 43% abv, I don’t have any more detail on the exact make-up of the blend or the various ages at the moment but I’ll be seeking those out. Should be a cracker.

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