New release: Foursquare 11 year old full proof (and bonus)

Well, the Zinfandel cask blend was “Mark 4” of the Exceptional Cask Selection from Foursquare, the first being a 1998 vintage, the second being the 9 year old port cask… where is number 3?

Well, right here

Foursquare full proof



A vintage release, 2004, of rums from both column and pot stills that have been aged for 11 tropical years in ex-bourbon casks. No mixing of cask types here. Bottled at full proof, which in this case is a hearty 59% abv.

As expected, the initial bottles over at MasterOfMalt sold out within a few hours. If previous releases are anything to go buy more stock will turn up at some point, and at other online retailers of course. (Image from







Doorly's 8





And it looks like we’re being spoilt (in the UK) by Mr Seale at the moment as I’ve also noticed a new Doorly’s has landed, again at MoM. This time we’re getting an 8 year old which brings the range up to; 5yo, XO ,8yo and 12yo. I’m not going to speculate where this leaves the XO as it seems to be sitting in a odd place between the 5 and 8, let’s hope it’s still sticking around. (Image from

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