Advent Calendars!

Before we start, this is a promotion, but I’m not getting commission from this, I’m doing a solid to a group of lads that I’ve got a lot of time and respect for.

It’s the time of the year when people are looking for those Christmas goodies. Over recent years there has been a trend in boozy advent calendars, I mean chocolate is ok but what we really (really) want is quality booze! You can get pretty much every type of advent calendar these days from beer and wine to gin and whisky. The one we’re interested in here is rum, because as we all know; rum is the best alcoholic spirit in the world and everything else is just second fiddle.

There are quite a few out there, so which one do you go for? Well you will get 24 samples of rum in various sizes, depending on your calendar of choice, at different prices and certainly different selections. For me it’s balancing the price of the calendar with the correct selection of rum and at the moment my personal opinion is that the one that ticks my boxes is the 24 Days of Rum calendar that is put together by World Class Spirits (the guys who do the S.B.S bottles) and distributed by Skylark Spirits (Indy Anand, Jaz Anand and Chetan Ladwa). I know the boys from Skylark through the UK Rum Club Facebook group and their work through the Rumcask blog – they are a sound trio, really do know their stuff when it comes to rum and have worked with rum producers to bring great rum into the UK, so I really don’t have any issue at all promoting their products.

So what is this one? Well you can view the homepage here at 24 Days of Rum which will give you an idea of what is inside (spoilers) and you can buy it from Amazon here, for £79.99 – buy 24 Days of Rum. You can also click the link on my menu at the top right which will take you to the Amazon listing.

The samples in here are 20ml, so they are a bit smaller than some other calendars, but 24 days of drinking rum….well, you’re only going to want a small amount each day, right? The rums come from all over the world and there is stuff in there that most people likely will not have ever tried before, which is the whole point of a sample box, right? And unlike some other calendars it’s not padded out with fillers and the odd very expensive sample thrown in, the rums really are all very good…..oh, and you get 2 glasses too!

So if you’re looking for a well priced, varied, quality and interesting rum calendar for 2020 then do yourself a favour and pick yourself up one of the 24 Days of Rum calendar.

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