It’s “Ron”, not “Rum” – oh sorry!

This is a wide and loose category that covers many of the Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean. These rums are filtered, light style rums and probably the biggest selling style of rum in the world (total guess, but given the producers you’ll see why I said that).

This is the rum many people know. They mix it, they shoot it, whatever. There are no rules on additives and the style can be found it many different countries from Cuba and Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic.

These rums can have quite a bit of oak to them and often carry smoky or tobacco notes, for the ones that have seen some reasonable ageing.

Examples of Spanish style rums are;

Havana Club, Bacardi, Brugal, Ron Abuelo, Santa Teresa and Flor De Cana.

(Havana Club and Bacardi…..big players right, lots of their juice is drunk)