It’s from Jamaica 🙂

Jamaican rum has a unique production process not followed by any other region and this is believed to give the rum it’s special qualities. Many people refer to this quality as “funk”, I suppose I get where they are coming from, and the “people” all know more than me so I’ll just accept it.

Very few additives are allowed in Jamaican rum, I don’t have the hard and fast rules but from what I’ve seen they are not sugared or flavoured. To get the taste into this rum the distilleries use Dunder; this is the spent yeasty liquid that is left over from previous distillation (think sour mash in Bourbon if that’s you thing), it’s stored in pits in the ground called “Dunder pits” and added to the new wash (the liquid produced during the fermentation process) prior to distillation. Around 20% – 35% of the new wash in a batch is from dunder.

Examples of Jamaican rum would be Appleton Estate (the most widely available), Monymusk, Worthy Park and Hampden.