Other style

Alright, yes it’s a cop-out . There are quite a few rums that don’t fit into the other styles and have their own, or they are from a different region and have similar qualities to rums from other regions…well that’s just confusing, so they are going here.

Rum in this category are ones from places like Trinidad, Bermuda, Mauritius, Fiji etc, with the main culprit being Trinidad and the famous Caroni distillery.

Caroni closed in 2002 and used to produce some very fine rum with a profile that was not what you would expect from the country. As it was good stuff and it’s now closed, Caroni bottles demand a bit of a premium price. They have an almost peaty quality with diesel fuel/petrol notes, as well as coastal and fruity notes. I find the heavy style of Caroni to be heading towards Ardbeg whisky in terms of flavour.

Other rums in this “other category” consist of ones like Penny Blue from Mauritius which is quite a dry whisky style rum and Goslings from Bermuda, which is a dark and heavy rum.